Field management

The seed quality starts from the field: for each variety we choose the field with adequate micro-climate, botanical isolation and latitude. The seed multiplication is managed by our technical staff, that helps the growers in each stage, giving instructions on soil preparation, fertilization, anti-parasitic treatments, male line destruction (if requested), harvesting, etc.
We provide our growers with special machineries and equipment (sowing, transplanting and threshing machines, and drying facilities). We take care of nicking adjustment and off types epuration with our technical staff. 


C.A.C. offers one of the biggest European cleaning seed facility, with a working capacity of 12.000 tons of seed per year, using up to 12 different seed processing lines.

Thanks to continuous investments in the most advanced technologies and to the experience of our professional staff we can adjust each cleaning process to the customer’s requirements and to the seed lot conditions.

A modern plant for seed treatment and coating as well an automatic packing facility allow us to offer a service tailored on customers’ requirements till to ready-to-market seed units.

Quality checking

C.A.C carries its activity following the international standards ISO 9001on Quality Management. So for us Quality is not just a slogan, but a scientific method, with processes, checks and controls of the seed produced in order to assess its conformity to the standards agreed with both customers and   multipliers. The internal laboratory is accredited according ISTA Standards (International Seed Testing Association) long since and it is able to carry out around 15.000 annual analysis
The laboratory is accredited for issuing  certificates of seed analysis for purity and germination with official validity.
C.A.C. as  well is accredited by local Plant Protection Service for the determination of some pests which can affect seeds. Moreover  C.A.C. is also in compliance with the European and norh-American standards for the production of organic seed and is certified according Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).