About us

C.A.C is a cooperative that since 1948 offers just multiplication services of vegetables crops and field crops on contract.

The varieties to be multiplied, that are property of the major world seed companies, are grown by the 2.000 associated growers, after being tested in our laboratory.

C.A.C. meets the customers needs providing just seed multiplication, stock and packaging services to its customers, without having its own varieties.

OP and Hybrid crops are multiplied in open field or in tunnel, both organic and standard. More and more preliminary tests and services are offered to the customers, to verify the feasibility of new hybrid crops multiplication.

C.AC. multiplies just in Italy, especially in Emilia Romagna, Marche and also Umbria, Toscana, Molise and Puglia. With so many areas, the most adequate fields and weather conditions are always chosen, as the most appropriate grower (for experience and technical knowledge).

The technical staff always checks the multiplication phases. For each area there are several technicians, supported by specialized agronomists divided for crops.

C.A.C. has always had the leadership in the seed branch, keeping the multiplication industry here in Italy, in favour of his growers.

C.A.C. is investing constantly to achieve the best quality standards, keeping as well an eye on the sustainability of its production processes.

Since 1998 C.A.C. adopted the Quality Management System is in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2008.  As results of its commitment for a sustainable development C.A.C. gained EMAS registration and the certification ISO 4001 for the environmental management system.

For years, C.A.C. laboratory is I.S.T.A. accredited and it can issue seed analysis certificates internationally.    C.A.C. is recognized as Producers Organization since 1997, obtaining hight mutuality parameters, qualifying as “Cooperativa a Mutualità Prevalente”.

The importance of being certified.

A sustainable development