The origin of Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate dates back to  May 6th, 1948, when 18 farmers and farmhands from a small village close to Cesena, established the “Cooperativa Agricola S.Giorgio”.

The aim of the 18 “ pioneers” was to ransom themselves from the difficult economic conditions and from the sharecropping dependence, obtaining a fair remuneration for their hard working.

So, they get some land to manage and they started a cooperative usage of the machineries and of the agricultural equipment, as well in purchasing agricultural inputs such as fertilisers, plants and seeds. 

The growth of activity was successful and fast, so several other small agricultural cooperatives decided to join it, creating the Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate.

The first President elected among the members of Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate was the landholder Alieto Zannoli.

In 1950 fifteen or so growers from another area of Cesena, established a second structure: Cooperativa Agricola di Ponte Pietra. Since the organization and the aims were the same, the members decided to eliminate a competitor and to optimize costs and investments by joining the 2 companies on 11th June 1961. The presidents of both companies Primo Zoffoli and Armando Faedi were elected President and Vice President of the new company C.A.C.

The choice to expand the company services to seed multiplication based on contract, in addition to  plough and thresh, was winning. It allows  a strong development both on commercial level in Europe and then in Asia, and on the structural one. It was invested on cleaning and seed packaging technologies. It was also created an internal analysis laboratory and the technical assistance to the customers and to the growers.

“C.A.C. has been an important example of strong and well managed cooperation, that over the years has joined efficiency and solidarity, democracy and economy, progress and liberty”

The Agricultural Minestry said so, during C.A.C. 50th anniversary.

From the 18 labourers and share-croppers of 70 years ago, till the actual group: a long successful journey that has placed C.A.C. among the most important players of the world in seed multiplication.

The reason of this success is that since 1948 there has been just one mission: to multiply the vegetable crops by using the most innovative technologies, in the best climate conditions, by the associated growers and sending the seed back after accurate storage.

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